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Water Station Restoration #3

Let's show the residents of this Cameroon village that we may be thousands of miles away, but we still care enough to make sure they have clean water!


Access to clean drinking water is something most of us take for granted. Half asleep we can walk to our kitchens to pour a glass from our filtered faucets or grab a bottle from the fridge. We are so blessed. Join us to help others who have to walk on average 4 miles daily. Together we will make their Walk 4 Water worth it.

Educational Workshops

At Reborn & Rising
Renée & René Dugué, we strive to empower the lives of youth in the San Francisco community through our variety of programs. Our Educational Workshops is designed to provide youngsters with all the tools they need to be great leaders tomorrow. We are happy to be the driving force behind the development of our children, and hope to continue making a difference in their lives.

Our Programs: Our Programs
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